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Happy Birthday Nazryn Afique
Tuesday, 19 February 2013 • Tuesday, February 19, 2013 • 0tinta

ehh . dah 19 Februari heh ? sekejap je kan . nnt bulan 3 then bulan 4 . bulan 4 ? apakah yang penting dalam bulan 4 ? habis cuti sem ohh . jadilah student Diploma in Automotives Parts Management sem 2 . yeah senior . haha . INI SEMUA POYO !!! . lari tajuk seyy . tujuan entry nehh di buat thea nak wish Happy Birthday to Nazryn Afique . siapakah dia ? mesti tertanya tanya kan ? acctually tadelah rapat mana dengan Nazryn nehh . kenal pon last 2 years dari adik thea Nur Qadiejah masa dia pergi belajar Bahasa Mandarin kat Kolej Komuniti . kalau tak , tak kenal pon . hee  . dulu Nazryn sekolah kat Sekolah Menengah Dato sri Amar di Raja but know oleh kerana Nazryn nehh pandai sangat sebab achieve 8A dalam PMR last year dye telah berhjrah jadi orang Melaka . sch kat Sekolah Sains Muzaffar Syah , Melaka . dah lah meleh banyok cito dehh .

You only get to turn 16 once. Have a great time on your birthday.

At 16, you are a middle-aged teenager. You have 3 years behind you and 3 years ahead of you in your teens. You probably won’t enjoy the next time you are called middle-aged, so have fun on your 16th birthday.

Here are some wish for youu adikk

  • Dont forget to perform Your Solat
  •  May Allah bless youu .
  • Good Luck in your life .
  • Happy with your beloved person
  • You are growing up way too fast. Happy 16th birthday!

nak bagi poem sikit dehh . copi paste je nehh . hope adik will happy to r
ead it .

"16, The Perfect Age"

Now you are sixteen years old
And you're old enough to drive
But not enough to be an adult
Where one day you'll arrive

No worrying about being older
You've plenty of time for fun
Responsibility is still minimal
Your childhood is not yet done

You are the perfect age now
And you may not realize it
Many adults would gladly trade
Your perfect age at 16, for a zit


New Or Old
Ahlan Wasahlan
The Mayor

Assalamualaikum , Ahlan wasahlan .Allah tak pandang siapa kita yang dulu. Tapi Allah pandang siapa kita yang sekarang. :')

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